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Premium recruitment resources to candidates and employers regardless of location.  


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As a Specialist Recruitment Agency, we understand that recruitment is an essential process which needs to be robust, transparent, and fair.

With over 20 years’ experience, DEOS Staffing Limited is an independent, recruitment consultancy business with a reputation for excellence and we are proud to be based in Warwickshire, England.

As Recruitment Specialists, we see our role as a commitment to your career. We spend time understanding our clients and candidates to fully understand their aspirations and their experiences.

Manufacturing and Engineering Recruitment


Through our process of listening first, we build up a detailed understanding of our client’s needs and our candidate’s background.

This allows us to see where you’ve been and find where you are going. By fully understanding the context of our role, we connect people with roles that are the perfect next step consistently going beyond expectations with the service we deliver.


Our team know that looking for a new position can be a challenging time. You may be on a tight timeframe, may feel unsure about a change or be dealing with financial pressures as you reach out to the job market where many people feel vulnerable.

We support you through a clear process, making sure you know where you stand with us every step of the way.


We create a bespoke job search to target job vacancies for an efficient and effective job search.  We are your partner, your ally and a critical friend providing constructive feedback and advice as we navigate the job market together. We have a commitment to you that is life long and, with our expertise, will show you the way through the time-consuming process of finding a job. Discovering a position that you are suited to, ready for and striving to achieve.

We have a detailed local knowledge, gained through successful partnerships and excellent relationships with clients and candidates. 

Freight Forwarding & Logistics

Freight Forwarding & Logistics

Manufacturing and Engineering Recruitment

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    rEcruitment specialists

    DEOS Staffing Limited provides skilled Freight Forwarding & Logistic professionals across the world and we are committed to delivering the premium recruitment resource to candidates and employers regardless of location.

    Using our expertise and knowledge, we provide both client services and candidate services to connect skills with jobs. We have a detailed local knowledge, gained through successful partnerships and excellent relationships with clients and candidates.

    Our Client Services create a partnership that takes these pressures off time and resources. Our team are experts and by utilising our strengths and knowledge, you can rely on our team to support your recruitment process.

    Working with transparency, clarity, and a genuine passion to find your next successful team member or new position, DEOS Staffing Limited Client and Candidate Services are designed to allow a combining of skillsets between us and you.

     A synergy which will deliver results and have easily measurable impact.

    ready to find your new role?

    Freight Forwarding

    Working within this area of growth, we are experts at understanding the requirements of the positions available and use our network of contacts within the industry to find you a successful position in a new team.


    Complex roles within a complex industry, we have developed processes that have proven to consistently connect candidates with positions that provide a positive and certain next step in their career.

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    We always take the time to understand your skills and goals. From the moment you get in touch, you will see the strength of our network within the Freight Forwarding and Logistics job markets, both in the UK and the US in fact worldwide.

    what to do when you receive a job offer

    How to resign from your current job

    Resigning from a current position is often the greatest hurdle to clear for many of our candidates. The emotions of leaving colleagues, telling employers and making a change can be tough to overcome. We take you through this process to ensure you are fulfilling your legal obligations as well as creating the beginning of a smooth transition to your next position.

    Is it the right job?

    Throughout the recruitment process, we support you as you meet potential new employers. We show you how to understand the job through the specification and our knowledge of our clients and their needs. We guide you to see how your values align with the company values and to find a position that has potential for career growth and longevity.

    Are there any other job offers?

    If you are in the position where you have multiple job offers, we show you how to navigate the decision-making process and possibly negotiate with your potential employers. An enviable position to be in, it is still challenging to find your way through the possibilities and find the right answer. Our team will help you to filter through the information and use our knowledge of your skillset, experience and personality to guide you to a successful position and a positive change. 

    Be Decisive

    Our process will ensure that you know exactly what you want when you are looking for a new job. Knowing what you want from the outset, means that you will be certain and confident in the decisions that you make. You will know if the job offer gives you want you want as well as what you need from the next phase of your career.

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