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The Global Transport Industry is a crucial element that for economic growth across the globe

At Deos Staffing, we specialize in connecting talented freight forwarding and logistics professionals with prestigious companies in the logistics industry. With an extensive network of clients across the globe, we provide access to a wide range of rewarding career opportunities tailored to your skills and expertise.

The global transport industry plays a vital role in connecting people and goods across the world. It encompasses various modes of transportation, including air, sea, road, and rail, with each one having its unique characteristics and importance. From the import and export of goods to the movement of people, the transport industry is at the forefront of facilitating international exchange. Air transportation has become increasingly popular due to its speed and efficiency, especially for long-distance travel. Many businesses rely on air cargo to transport goods quickly and efficiently across the globe. On the other hand, sea transportation continues to be the preferred mode for moving large volumes of goods over long distances. It may be slower than air transportation, but its capacity and affordability make it an attractive option for many businesses. Road transportation remains important in many areas, particularly for local delivery and transportation of smaller loads. It is the most flexible mode of transportation and can reach virtually any destination.

The growth in online shopping has significantly increased the demand for road transportation as it continues to be the primary mode for the last mile delivery. Rail transportation is the most energy-efficient mode of transportation, and it plays a crucial role in the movement of goods across continents. With the increasing focus on sustainability, rail transportation is becoming more popular, especially for long-haul and intermodal shipments. The transport industry has a significant impact on the global economy, generating billions of dollars each year. The industry employs millions of people directly and indirectly and is essential for supply chains across various sectors.


We have an established team of consultants who specialise in permanent, interim and outsourced recruitment solutions. With many years of experience across the UK, US and Europe. Our consultants have what it needs to source candidates and roles within specialist markets. We have unrivalled networks and in-depth market knowledge to understand your individual needs. 

Freight forwarding

A challenging sector with expedential growth druing the past few years. We are experienced and successful recruiters for Freight Forwarding roles that require specialist skills within the individual and in the recruitment process. Here at DEOS we are dedicated and knowledgeable within complex sector always finding the best fit for individuals and Clients. 

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